Winter Highlights

My blogging has taken a hit in frequency this winter…it’s hard to keep up when completing grad school applications, applying for scholarships, and trying to pass a language placement exam. But, I miss it and want to try to keep it up! Plus, I don’t want to lose the habit for once I have more time and can post more regularly again!

Since there’s too much of a backlog to go over everything in detail, here are a few of my winter highlights…

Impromptu trip to New Orleans
Work reasons brought me to New Orleans on short notice, so we made a mini-vacation out of it and had a great time exploring the city, trying delicious food, and listening to jazz music. Highlights were the d.b.a. jazz club and beignets at Cafe du Monde:

IMG_3003 CIMG6652 CIMG6645

After New Orleans… family time in Wyoming/Colorado.
Highlights were going to two Denver Nuggets games and meeting the beautiful new baby of one of my best friends!

CIMG6747 CIMG6748 CIMG6717

The trip also included lots of great food at my favorite Denver restaurants. I love the vegetarian restaurant Watercourse…in particular because of their delicious vegan milkshakes!

IMG_3046 IMG_3043 IMG_3045

The other noteworthy Denver restaurant is breakfast joint Snooze, featuring creative pancakes:

CIMG6765 CIMG6769 CIMG6768

After food and fun in Denver, there was some great skiing in Breckenridge and Frisco:

CIMG6794 CIMG6797 CIMG6802

And, finally, last but not least, prince charming took me to a ball this weekend. 🙂


More soon, but now I’m off to study Hebrew adjectives!

Laramie Food

A few weeks ago I visited my wonderful family in the great western town of Laramie, Wyoming. Highlights from the visit home:

  • spending time with a fabulous mother, father, and brother
  • enjoying the unbridled affection of a certain labradoodle
  • enjoying the sleepy indifference of a beloved yellow lab
  • 16-mile bike ride heading towards the mountains
  • favorite restaurants

Going home always makes me feel like there’s just not enough time to fit in all of my favorite restaurants and at-home meals. During this latest visit, two restaurants made the cut. The first: Altitude Chophouse and Brewery.

IMG_1732 IMG_1731

One of Laramie’s finer eating establishments, Altitude almost always has a wait. After a little confusion as to where we could be seated, we got a table and ordered quickly. Our choices: burgers (with waffle-cut fries, of course!) and a vegetable pizza.

IMG_1733 IMG_1735 IMG_1734

Delicious. As usual. 🙂

The second restaurant we ate at during my visit was Jeffrey’s Bistro. My obsession with this restaurant started during my sophomore year of high school. Yes, obsession was the right word to use in that sentence. Why? It’s a simple answer: tortilla soup Tuesday. This is not your grandmother’s tortilla soup (if your grandmother even makes such a thing). This soup is creamy, tomato-y, topped with melted cheese and tortilla strips, served with warmed wheat rolls, and has the most unparalleled taste of comfort I have ever experienced. Hyperbole, you ask? No way. GO TO JEFFREY’S ON A TUESDAY AND TRY THIS SOUP. You will see what I mean. 🙂

Starting during my sophomore year of high school, myself and a group of about 20 others went to Jeffrey’s every Tuesday for lunch. Sometimes our bowls would even be waiting when we arrived. 🙂 Often times, I would go back for dinner and get it again that night. Sometimes I would go after school to get it again as a snack before sports practice. Like I said, obsession.

Anyway…unfortunately, I was not back in Laramie on a Tuesday, so there was no tortilla soup in my life during this visit. Outside of the tortilla soup, Jeffrey’s is still top-notch with several delicious menu items (and their desserts are phenomenal!). We ordered marsala chicken with apples and sage, Asian-glazed halibut, and the Thai burrito.

IMG_1738 IMG_1737 IMG_1736

The thai burrito was my order, and it was tilapia, cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, and spicy thai sauce. It came with refried black beans and brown rice.

As I mentioned before, although the food is great, dessert can really steal the show at Jeffrey’s. All of the desserts are homemade (including the ice cream), creative, and deliriously delicious. We ordered a health bar mousse torte (which was milk chocolate homemade ice cream layered with heath bar bites) as well as a blackberry crisp.

IMG_1740 IMG_1741

In case you couldn’t tell, my visit home was definitely a food success. Thanks, Mom and Pop! ❤