Look Up and Laugh


Tough times will happen to everyone. Unless you’re…..no wait, couldn’t even think of any example to put there.

I have had a tough week, but I am a strong believer in taking perspective and looking at the positive. I may not have realized too much perfection, as Buddha says, but I’ve still managed to have some laughing at the sky. Reasons to look up and laugh:

1. Impulsive 15-mile bike ride on my way home from work

photo 1(147) photo 2(141)

Maybe I just wasn’t ready to go home, I needed to clear my head, and the weather was gorgeous. This did me good.

photo 3(141) photo 4(126)

2. T-Swift is my girl

photo 2(1)

Taylor is my iPod’s best friend. Now. Always. Still. Did I mention one time I saw her in concert?! And by one time, I mean TWICE. She is a lyrical genius. (yes, Papa Bear, I know you’re smirking).

harry styles and taylor swift, harry styles, harry styles taylor swift breakup song, tim urban, tim urban haylor song[source]

3. Fresh laundry smells so good

photo 1(148)

Sometimes a roll on the bed with a fresh load of laundry will do wonders for your health.

4. I feel recovered – no quotes

Something very interesting happened this week, and I feel like I passed a major milestone. I have been under a fair amount of stress, but – for weird reasons I am not quite sure about – I also feel like I am more powerful, thoughtful, balanced, and stronger than I have been at any other time. Like I said…weird.

It’s not a secret that even though I would say I’ve been ‘recovered’ from my eating disorder (quotes intentional) for several months, I will have serious struggles occasionally. See here for the most recent example. But, right now, for the first time, I really feel confident to say I feel RECOVERED. No quotes. 🙂

I feel as though I have managed a tough situation without any input, tips, or shoulder-whispering from ED. And the best part is – and the part that makes me feel so strong about all of this – I didn’t even fight it. It just wasn’t there. It’s like ED knew not to even bother since I was taking care of things myself.

I know this doesn’t necessarily mean that I will never have another struggle of this variety, but this felt like a major turning point for me. I have learned that I can really support myself after all, and having that realization allowed what was left of my self-doubts to fall away.

photo 1(149)

So, I guess there was some perfection after all.

You Know It’s Time…

You know it’s time for laundry when you go into your sock draw in the morning and all you have to wear are these bad boys:


Soooo dorky attractive. Sorry Dad, I know that’s your style. 🙂 Anyway, clearly it was a laundry emergency. Unfortunately, I had the inconvenience of needing to go to work, so I had to wait until the evening to put up a load. After fighting my roommate for the washing machine (and by that I mean she generously offered to let me go first), I dug up my quarters and headed down to the dark and dirty area we like to call the basement. Meet Ron, he lives in the laundry room:

who did this?!

who did this?!

Although I love my apartment, I will admit the laundry room is a little completely disgusting. As is the basement. As are the stairwells. Hmm….

The state of things around here have left me with no choice but to believe the warning sign in the laundry room is a complete and utter lie:



Did you notice Ron in the above picture?