Home Cooking!

Even though eating out in Jerusalem has been a lot of fun (as evidenced by my several ‘Jerusalem Cafes‘ posts), there’s always something fun about cooking at home. In the past week or so, I’ve had fun turning the contents of my fridge and impulse buys at the fruit-and-vegetable stands into good dinners.

Earlier in the week I made a sweet potato, egg, and cheese melt. I started by roasting slices of sweet potato (about 25 minutes at 450º):


After roasting, I removed from the oven and added two sliced chopped tomatoes, 6 eggs, and shredded mozzarella cheese:


I broiled in the oven until the egg whites were completely cooked and the cheese a little browned (it took a little more than 10 minutes in my oven, but my broiler is not very good, so it would probably take a lot less with a better broiler):


I served with sliced peppers and hummus (in total, this was enough for 3 servings):


Later in the week, Noah and I made an eggplant tomato sauce to go with goat cheese-filled beet gnocchi. The sauce was extremely easy to make. I finely chopped two shallots, two cloves garlic, and put them to heat in a skillet with a little butter. After just a couple minutes, I added half an eggplant, 1 tomato, and half a can (15 oz) of tomato sauce:

photo 1 (30)

Noah was on skillet duty:

photo 2 (33)

The gnocchi was from a nearby bakery and it looked awesome! The beets gave it a purple-ish tint:

photo 4 (18)

The gnocchi only needed to cook for two minutes, so I waited until the sauce was nearly done (about 10-15 minutes) to put them up. In total, the meal came together in twenty minutes or less.

photo 3 (25) photo 5 (14)

Finally, I made beef and parsley burgers for lunch. For the burger patties, I mixed about a 1/2 pound of ground beef with 1 egg, 1 T whole wheat flour, and 1/4 cup chopped parsley. I mixed everything together and cooked on a skillet for about 3 minutes on each side. We ate the burgers on whole wheat rolls with an assortment of salatim and vegetable toppings:

IMG_5124 IMG_5125

It’s amazing how the internet enables everyone to have access to an essentially unlimited collection of recipes and food ideas! Every day I add more recipes to my ‘to cook something like this’ list…so there are a lot more dishes on my mind to make in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

Amore Victoria

Even though I generally have trouble picking favorite restaurants, Amore Victoria in the heart of Uptown at Irving and Lake is definitely a favorite. My love for this restaurant can be illustrated by the fact that I have gone here over 5 times since I moved here (a statement that could probably only be repeated for Mesa Pizza). Amore is a little on the nicer end, so I really only go when my family is around or for a special occasion. During their most recent, I went with my family the first night they arrived.

As soon as you’re seated, you can expect to be greeted with a nice basket of fresh bread, olive oil, and shredded cheese:

photo 2(71) photo 1(73)

Not all of Amore’s pastas are homemade, but the fettucine is and it is SUPERB. Usually I ask to sub the pasta in whatever dish I’m getting with the fettucine. This time, I ordered chicken breast stuffed with spinach, pesto, mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes with fettucine. It was delicious and enormous. An entire half of the dish was leftover for lunch the next day:

photo 1(71)

My dad ordered the homemade gnocchi with pesto, chicken breast, and broccoli. My brother ordered gnocchi with a gorgonzola cream sauce and pistachios. Everything was excellent, as to be expected.

Now, to conclude my own personal restaurant week, I would like to introduce my brand new Minneapolis page! Check it out for links to all of the restaurants and activities where I’ve been out and about around the Twin Cities.