Food Grows in Trucks

Wikipedia, the source of all reliable information, defines a food truck as:

A food truck, mobile kitchen, mobile canteen, roach coach, or catering truck 
is a mobile venue that transports and sells food. Some, including ice cream trucks, 
sell mostly frozen or prepackaged food; others are more like restaurants-on-wheels. 
Some may cater to specific meals, such as the breakfast truck, lunch truck or lunch wagon, 
and snack truck, break truck or taco truck.

Food trucks are all the rage these days in Minneapolis. You can see my first venture into food trucking here. To celebrate mobile food, Uptown hosted the second annual Minneapolis Food Truck Fair a couple weekends ago. I did not attend the original food truck fair, but from what I gather on the internet, it did not go well. There was an entrance fee, lines were monstrously long, etc, etc.

This year’s fair was held in Uptown instead of downtown (where the first one was located), there was no entrance fee, and the lines were still monstrously long.

IMG_1941 IMG_1942

I can’t compare the lines to last year, but I waited about 30-40 minutes. Admittedly, I don’t think there’s much that could have been done to speed the process if people wanted their food fresh, but if you hate standing in line this probably would not be a good event for you. It also didn’t help that there is an unwritten agreement between Minneapolis and myself that whenever there is an outdoor festival that I attend the weather will be boiling hot. Thanks, MPLS, I ❤ U. 🙂

My first stop was at The Anchor Fish & Chips truck.


While waiting in line, I watched the kid next to me chomp on a hunk of meat:


I ordered the classic. Fish. And Chips.



My friends had a slightly shorter wait at Holy Arepa. They got – you guessed it – arepas:


A chicken pot pie pasty from Potter’s Pasties was also enjoyed:

IMG_1951 IMG_1952

Overall, the Food Truck Fair was a lot of fun and a neat opportunity to get a better idea about what the food truck scene offers. If I could plan the event though, I would have the trucks offer sampling sizes of their most popular dishes. With all of the option, it would have been fun to get to do more sampling. But with such big portions it’s not realistic to get more than a couple things.

If this happens next summer though, I will definitely be there!

Twins Game

I had a great run this morning! 4 miles in 34 minutes, so an 8:30 pace. I felt really good and excited for the half-marathon on Saturday!

After the run, I had another 10-grain cereal + egg combo for breakfast. This time, instead of adding pesto, I added some avocado at the end. I like this even better – it was delicious! I served with an apple on the side:

photo 1 photo 2

I had a pretty busy day at work, but in the evening I had a fun excursion to a Minnesota Twins game!

photo 3

The Twins were playing the Texas Rangers. To be perfectly honest, I hardly watched the actual game. I did a lot of walking around with the people I was with and exploring Target Field. It is such a nice field! There are a lot of surprisingly good food options too. There is a LeeAnn Chin booth, a kosher hot dog stand, and – what I ended up getting – walleye! For some reason fish and chips sounded really good (trust me, that is not a meal I generally eat). It was very yummy – definitely a good decision to get it. 🙂

The seats we had were not amazing, but still decent. We were in section 133 facing home plate. This was our view:

photo 4

This section also had a covering overhead so we would have been protected if it had been really sunny or rainy. Luckily for us, neither of these weather conditions were occurring. When the sun went down it got a bit chilly, but fortunately I had several layers and didn’t get too cold.

Also at the game, I learned two things about my iPhone.

First, I learned about a free countdown app called Big Day Lite. You can program this app to count down the days until an event. Bonus perk: you can put a picture with the countdown.

Second, I learned how to take a screen shot on my iPhone (you hold down the home and power buttons at the same time). Am I the last person under the age of 45 to know that? Maybe…

Good thing I’m a fast learner, and I was able to combine both of these new bits of knowledge to set up a countdown on my phone for the number of days until I go to Italy to visit Noah!

photo 5

15 days until Rome! (and it’s actually only 14 by the time I am posting this) 🙂