Eggs for Breakfast and Art

I’ve been eating more eggs for breakfast these days. I used to be a big bowl of cereal all the girl, but as part of my efforts to get in more protein I’ve been making a transition to eggs. I definitely still have a lot of yogurt/cereal/fruit/nut butter mornings, but eggs are in the steady rotation. I can’t really tell which kind of breakfast fills me up more, but I will continue my detective work and let you know if I have any breakthroughs. This morning’s breakfast followed a 4 mile run, and I was craving something warm, flavorful, and filling.

I cooked up two eggs with some of the leftover roasted garlic and tomatoes from this soup:

photo 1(88)

Once the eggs were nearly cooked, I added in about a tablespoon of pesto. I plated the eggs with one slice of wheat toast and a sliced banana:

photo 2(86)

yum – look how good this is:

photo 3(86)

After this delicious breakfast I had a very busy day, not returning home until after art class. Instead of taking a watercolor class like I normally do, I’m trying drawing this session. I enjoyed the drawing class today, but I definitely think I’ll go back to watercolor for the next session – it feels more fun and free to me. During art class today we worked on an artichoke. Here is the original picture we had:

photo 4(76)

We were primarily supposed to focus on replicating the shading and layers. Here is my version:

photo 5(69)

Side by side:

photo 1(89)

Overall, I think the exercise went okay, but I definitely felt like I couldn’t get quite enough texture into the leaves. I was using a pencil from the B series (softer lead), so the tip didn’t stay as sharp. Perhaps a harder pencil would have given a little more texture.


Watercolor class this week was all about Sumi-e, an Asian style of painting. The art form is well over a thousand years old, and in its purest form is intended to be a meditative art that captures the essence of a picture using the fewest number of brush strokes possible. But, in the words of my wise and witty art teacher, “Who has the time for that?” For class, we focused on using Sumi-e simply as a method for getting paint on paper.

There are four primary objects painted in Sumi-e. The four objects – orchid, bamboo, plum blossom, and chrysanthemum – are also referred to as ‘the four gentlemen’.’ During class, I worked on bamboo:

photo 3(6)

And plum blossoms:

photo 4(3)

I especially enjoyed working on the bamboo and figuring out how to make the outside edges of the stalks darker than the middle. Given that we were working on an Asian art form, the art teacher thought it apropos to hand out fortune cookies during class:

photo 1(7)

My two fortunes read:

photo 5(3) photo 2(6)

I’ll take it. 🙂

Inner Artist and Black Bean Salad

Tonight was the first meeting of my Minneapolis Community Ed. watercolor class. I took this same class in the fall and loved it. The teacher is fun, easy going, and supportive. Also, since I’ve accepted the fact that I am unlikely to paint on my own, having a class on my schedule is the only way to ensure that I will release my inner artist. This term’s painting focus is ‘birds.’ I worked on a swan and played around with a setting-sun landscape.


The class has only 8 people, and it was fun to walk around and see some of their work as well.

In addition to learning, my day involved some cooking. I made a black bean salad to pair with turkey tacos.

For the black bean salad, drain and rinse one LARGE can of beans (I used one 25oz. can, but two 15oz. cans would work just fine):


Chop 3 large sweet peppers:

photo(129)  photo(128)

Chop 1/4 cup cilantro:


Mix it all together and…


…voila! Easy peasy. For dinner, I had turkey tacos with black bean salad and a half avocado:


Turkey tacos recipe will be posted tomorrow, so check back soon!


I think I can safely say that among the most underused Minneapolis community resources are the Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment courses. With offerings of everything from Zumba to The Life and Time of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Community Ed really does have something for everyone.

Winter Class Guide

Winter Class Guide

The best part? THEY ARE PRACTICALLY GIVING THE LEARNING AWAY!! I registered for a 6-week watercolor class for $46. THIS IS MADNESS!! And, if you are a total cheapskate, there are some classes that literally are free. Examples: Understanding the Middle East Conflict: A Hope for Peace and Minnesota History! Read Local!

In addition to hundreds of class listings, the catalog also provides information on upcoming community events (races, festivals, celebrations, etc.). I think I am most looking forward to the Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival on June 19.

After spending the morning marking down all events that piqued my interest, I migrated into the kitchen for some breakfast. I have been consuming this trail mix from Costco at a rapid rate the last week:


Yeah, I’d never heard of greek yogurt chips prior to this either. Bottom line: this stuff is super addictive and delicious in yogurt, in oatmeal, with cereal, eaten out of the palm of your hand like a neanderthal…you get the point. My creation this morning included yogurt, trail mix, banana, and a splash of coconut/almond milk.