Almond Coconut Cookies

Although it’s been a rocky road with injury, it looks like I will be running a half marathon in exactly 10 days. This morning I did my last long(ish) run.

photo 2(73)

11 miles in 1:47 – an average of 9:45 pace. I’d like to be faster, but I know that I’ve taken a lot of time off and have hardly trained, so I’m not too disappointed. We’ll see how the race goes! For my runs of over an hour, I’ve been using this bad boy:

photo 4(63)

All of my clothing seems to turn into horrible chafing weapons, but this body glide has really helped a lot. I just need to remember to put it EVERYWHERE. For example, my ankle got chafed on my last run:

photo 5(57)

My ankle?!?! I need to wear longer socks I guess. After my run I was super hungry for breakfast, so I put together some egg beaters with mushrooms and spinach, two slices of wheat bread with hummus, and a few strawberries:

photo 3(72)

A very satisfying and filling post-run meal!

And now…what you’ve all been waiting for…COOKIES! As I mentioned yesterday, I bought some almond flour at the store last week and am trying to find good ways to use it up. Obviously, one pathway was to make cookies. I found a recipe for grain-free kitchen sink cookies at Fast Paleo and decided to give it a try. I modified their version slightly, here’s my take on it:

Combine 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut with 2/3 cup almond flour with 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon:

photo 1(79) photo 2(78) photo 3(78)

Mix it all together:

photo 5(62)

Meanwhile, combine 1/2 cup maple syrup, 3 tablespoons walnut butter, 1.5 teaspoons vanilla, and 2 tablespoons coconut oil:

photo 4(68) photo(230)

Mix the wet ingredients into the dry and stir to combine. Then, add the chocolate chips:

photo 2(77)

Form into small balls on a cookie sheet:

photo 3(77)

And cook at 350° for 13 minutes:

photo 5(61)

Enjoy with a nice glass of milk:

photo 1(80)


World Street Kitchen

World Street Kitchen (WSK) is recently opened in Uptown at 27th and Lyndale. WSK features dishes inspired by street food from around the world. The idea is clever and leads to unique – and at times somewhat bizarre – menu options. The restaurant’s interior is casual but sleek, with lots of bright colors and flashy art to catch your attention.


The menu behind the counter informs visitors that the WSK’s signature dish is the yum yum rice bowl, coming with rice, protein of your choice, soft cooked egg, crunchies, peanuts, and secret sauce. “A party for your tummy!” Their words, not mine.

I ordered the Crispy Marinated Tofu rice bowl which came with charred squash and chinese broccoli.


For $10, it was a hefty portion of food. I especially liked the texture created by the peanuts and ‘crunchies’ (whatever that means?). Still, the most intriguing items to me where those that resided in the dessert case.


This is where the real ‘blending of the worlds’ comes into play at WSK. Inside that case you are looking at peanut butter curry pretzel cookies, chocolate chip marshmallow sea salt cookies, spiced pistachio baklava, and garam masala banana bread. I know, WHOAH. I tried the chocolate chip marshmallow sea salt cookie. It was good, but didn’t really taste too different than a regular choco chip. So, obviously, still delicious. 🙂 I enjoyed experiencing the uniqueness and atmosphere of WSK, but I don’t think I liked the food enough to go back again in the near future.