Sunnyside Drive

There’s an area around 44th and France that is full of ambiguity – are we in Minneapolis? Are we in Edina? One thing, however, leaves no ambiguity: the food.

Just off this intersection is a small street called Sunnyside Drive. The food on Sunnyside Drive is as delicious as the street name is cute. Next door to one another are two iconic and delicious Minneapolis institutions.

The first, Convention Grill, is an old classic.


Convention Grill has been serving old style burgers, fries, and malts since 1934. Darn, it is good! I went with a friend for lunch. I got a burger and she got a grilled cheese:

IMG_2879 IMG_2881

We also shared a half basket of fries (this is huge – I imagine the full basket would serve four people easily):


I couldn’t resist the malt menu, so I ordered a peppermint shake.


This was, unfortunately, a disappointment. Half the glass was filled with Andes mints. I would have preferred more milky goodness and less minty chew. Previously mentioned friend ordered a hot fudge sundae which is unpictured (but very good!).

In contrast to Convention Grill, the second place of yum on Sunnyside Drive is a relatively new addition to the Minneapolis food scene.
Hello Pizza is the baby sister of Pizzeria Lola, offering a more casual atmosphere, pizza by the slice, and easy walk up service.


The inside of Hello Pizza is an interesting mix of cafeteria and traditional New York slice shop – all with a healthy splash of color!

IMG_2886 IMG_2887 IMG_2888

The pizza choices range from basic to exciting (artichoke hearts, piquillo peppers, and organic pulled chicken).

I ordered a slice of veggie and a slice of the artichoke special, and my dining partner ordered two slices of ‘Hello Rita’ (the classic margherita).

IMG_2890 IMG_2889

Can you tell you prefers more inventive toppings? 🙂

In case you are judging me, I did not visit these restaurants back to back. Nor did I even visit them in the same week! I would not, however, frown on such behavior.

112 Eatery

112 Eatery has been on my radar since I moved to the Twin Cities over two years ago. Constantly heralded for their quality food and the magical touch of Issac Becker (a James Beard award winner), 112 always makes it on the list of must-eat Twin Cities restaurants. It took me a long time to get there though because it’s a little fancier than the typical place I would go on my own, and it requires planning ahead since reservations are a must.

On my families’ most recent visit to Minneapolis though, I decided to make reservations well in advance for us to try it. When we got there, a plate of spiced almonds and olives were waiting for us at the table:


We started the meal with bibb lettuce salads, and fresh bread was brought to the table:

IMG_2287 IMG_2288

We also ordered a couple appetizers to share: fresh ricotta with white truffle honey and pan-fried gnocchi with parmesan:

IMG_2289 IMG_2290

For our entrees, no one was that creative. We all ordered the highly-acclaimed 112 cheese burger. What can I say? Mpls/St. Paul Magazine did just list it as one of the top 10 burgers in the area:

IMG_2291 IMG_2292

I loved this burger. It came with thick slices of brie on an english muffin bun. Amazing. The burgers come without a side, so we ordered a few sides to share around the table:

cauliflower fritters

cauliflower fritters

fried asparagus with aioli

fried asparagus with aioli

french fries

french fries

We were all stuffed at the end of the meal, but I managed to have a few bites of caramel corn that came with the bill:


112 was an instant favorite, and I definitely want to go back. Parents, want to come visit again? 🙂

It was just