Quick Pizza for One

I saw this recipe for Toaster Oven Pizza for One on Carrots N Cake a while ago and liked the idea of a single serving pizza. I am also thinking it might be a good idea to make smaller quantity recipes. Even though I’m only cooking for one, I usually cook a full (or nearly full) recipe and end up eating the meal throughout the whole week. It’s a nice strategy in terms of minimizing the number of days I need to spend a lot of time cooking, but I usually end up getting tired of the meal by the fourth fifth sixth serving.

The original recipe used entirely almond meal, but I decided to try splitting the flour into half almond meal and half whole wheat. I’m still trying to figure out how much I want to use almond flour in baking. On the one hand, it’s higher in protein than regular flour and I like that. On the other hand, it’s also higher in fat and calories and makes for a much denser final product. The half-and-half method seemed like a good balance – at least for this instance. *There are pictures of two bowls and two pizzas because I wanted to make two single-serving pizzas. I used two separate bowls though, so all measurements are for ONE single-serving recipe.

First, I combined 1/4 cup almond flour, 1/4 whole wheat flour, and 1 tsp ground garlic:

photo 2(137)

Next, I added half an egg and 1/2 tsp olive oil to each bowl (you could probably use a full egg each or just use one egg white):

photo 3(137)

And 1 tsp ground flax:

photo 4(123)

Mix it thoroughly until mixture becomes uniform. For me, everything didn’t really stick together until I got down and dirty with my hands (pre-wet your hands!!). Once the dough became uniform, I shaped it into balls, spread out with my hand on a cutting board, and transferred to a baking tray:

photo 1(145)

Now…the best part…TOPPINGS!

Since I made this recipe right before leaving for vacation (what, Rome for a week?!), I used an assortment of whatever-I-wanted-to-use-up to top my pizza. First, some pesto:

photo 2(139)

Then, tomato:

photo 3(139)

Plus sauteed onions:

photo 4(124)

Shredded gruyere cheese:

photo 5(111)

And, last but not least, artichoke hearts:

photo 1(144)

Bake at 350° for 18 minutes until cheese is cheesy and crust is crusty:

photo 2(138)

Look at this goodness:

photo 3(138)

yumyumyum. This was super easy and tasty – I will definitely keep on hand as a go-to for quick, small meals. The recipe should also work fine to increase and serve multiple people.

Almond Coconut Cookies

Although it’s been a rocky road with injury, it looks like I will be running a half marathon in exactly 10 days. This morning I did my last long(ish) run.

photo 2(73)

11 miles in 1:47 – an average of 9:45 pace. I’d like to be faster, but I know that I’ve taken a lot of time off and have hardly trained, so I’m not too disappointed. We’ll see how the race goes! For my runs of over an hour, I’ve been using this bad boy:

photo 4(63)

All of my clothing seems to turn into horrible chafing weapons, but this body glide has really helped a lot. I just need to remember to put it EVERYWHERE. For example, my ankle got chafed on my last run:

photo 5(57)

My ankle?!?! I need to wear longer socks I guess. After my run I was super hungry for breakfast, so I put together some egg beaters with mushrooms and spinach, two slices of wheat bread with hummus, and a few strawberries:

photo 3(72)

A very satisfying and filling post-run meal!

And now…what you’ve all been waiting for…COOKIES! As I mentioned yesterday, I bought some almond flour at the store last week and am trying to find good ways to use it up. Obviously, one pathway was to make cookies. I found a recipe for grain-free kitchen sink cookies at Fast Paleo and decided to give it a try. I modified their version slightly, here’s my take on it:

Combine 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut with 2/3 cup almond flour with 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon:

photo 1(79) photo 2(78) photo 3(78)

Mix it all together:

photo 5(62)

Meanwhile, combine 1/2 cup maple syrup, 3 tablespoons walnut butter, 1.5 teaspoons vanilla, and 2 tablespoons coconut oil:

photo 4(68) photo(230)

Mix the wet ingredients into the dry and stir to combine. Then, add the chocolate chips:

photo 2(77)

Form into small balls on a cookie sheet:

photo 3(77)

And cook at 350° for 13 minutes:

photo 5(61)

Enjoy with a nice glass of milk:

photo 1(80)


Piece a Pizza

okay…do this:

First, say “piece a pizza.”

Then, say “piece a pizza” really fast.

It sounds like you’re just saying ‘pizza’ twice in a row, huh? And on that note, here’s a pizza recipe for you!

I bought some almond flour at the store last week, so I decided to make an almond flour crust. I followed this recipe for the crust. I found the tip about having wet hands to spread the dough VERY helpful – the mixture was incredibly sticky.

photo 1(74) photo 2(72)

I cooked the crust for 13 minutes at 350° and meanwhile worked on preparing some of the toppings. I cooked up an onion in a skillet coated with non-stick spray:

photo 5(55)

And heated some spinach in a can of tomato paste for the sauce:

photo 1(77)

After 13 minutes in the oven, the crust looked like this:

photo 2(76)

I topped with the sauce/spinach mixture, the onions, and a layer of baby port0bellos:

photo 3(75)

Plus a layer of morningstar veggie ‘sausage’ patties:

photo 4(66)

And a layer of mozzarella cheese:

photo 5(60)

Cook for another 20 minutes at 350° until it’s nice and melty:

photo 1(78)

I divided the pizza right away into four servings to bring to lunch during the week:

photo 4(67)

Can’t wait!! This pizza is definitely an eat-with-a-knife-and-fork kind rather than with your hands, but it is very good and I really like the almond flour flavor. I’ll need to find other almond flour recipes to use up the bag!

Does anyone have almond flour recipe suggestions?