Here are some of the wonderful blogs that inspired me to start ‘Treasure Your Being.’ I highly encourage you to read all of them!

Primarily Food – This is the first blog I started reading. I actually don’t remember how I stumbled upon it originally, but it completely transformed my view of the blogging world. Prior, I thought blogs were amateur-ish attempts at writing by individuals for their close friends and family. How wrong I was!! Although at one point about food and fitness, this blog is now nearly exclusively food with occasional posts about books and Jenna‘s life. – The second blog I began to read regularly. This blog features beautiful photographs and gluten-free recipes by Ashley. She even has a gluten-free doughnut cookbook due to come out in September 2013! – This vegan blog by Angela is entirely about food (and living a vegan lifestyle). Her story of living with and recovering from an eating disorder really spoke to me, and I was so impressed by her bravery in sharing her story with the online world.

Food and Fitness

mealsandmiles.comMeghann writes about her daily life, including food and her love of running. I love her sense of humor and casual blogging style. – I discovered Carrots ‘N’ Cake through Meals and Miles, and was immediately hooked! Tina is a blogger, writer for Health, and cross-fit enthusiast. She posts simple recipes that are easy to make with a busy schedule and gives great tips for living a healthy lifestyle. Plus, she has a hilarious pug, Murphy.

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