Back in the Holy Land

I was fortunate enough to have a glorious two-and-a-half weeks back in Israel this December! I spent the first week relaxing on my own in Jerusalem, seeing friends, eating at favorite restaurants, and re-exploring my favorite neighborhoods. It was wonderful. On my first evening there, I went to Caffit (one of my favorite Jerusalem restaurants) with … Continue reading

Jerusalem Cafes: Round 6

I haven’t done a Jerusalem Cafes post in a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been accumulating visits to blog-worthy cafes! I have a lot to catch up on…but here are recaps from four cafe visits that I’ve really enjoyed! Most of the places are repeats of places I’ve been before (it’s nice to have been in … Continue reading

Jerusalem Cafes: Round 5

Continuing my Jerusalem Cafes series, here are a few more places I’ve been to in the last several weeks. Enjoy the pictures of delicious food…where do you want to go out to eat next? First, I tried a cafe on Emek Refaim called Ben Ami. I had heard several times that Ben Ami serves allstar drinks … Continue reading

Jerusalem Cafes: Round 4

Israel…land of milk and honey, land once thought to be the physical center of the world, now “only” the spiritual and emotional center of the world. Also, land of cafe culture and a quite-possibly-perfected leisurely breakfast…. So, it’s time for another ‘Jerusalem Cafes’ post! The last few weeks involved two visits to The Grand Cafe. Grand Cafe is … Continue reading

Jerusalem Cafes: Round 3

Continuing my series of posts about Jerusalem cafes (see here and here), Noah and I went to a couple more places in the recent weeks. For dinner, we went to Focaccia Bar Hamoshava – a meat restaurant on Emek Refaim. As the name implies, Focaccia’s specialty menu item is focaccia. The menu offers a range of uniquely … Continue reading

Jerusalem (and around Israel)

I lived in Jerusalem for a holy, explorative, and soul-filled year from 2014-2015. It was a highlight of my life that, God willing, I can repeat many times in the future! Below are links to my posts about various neighborhoods, restaurants, activities, and general goings-on in this beautiful, breathtaking and – at times – confusing city. “Without Jerusalem, … Continue reading