Making A Home

This post is WAY overdue. So are a lot of posts…but the first term of grad school has really been a time suck. I’ve been missing my blogging outlets though, so hopefully I will have some time to catch up and get back into the blogging game soon! In my hiatus from blogging, Noah and I have moved to a wonderful apartment in Cambridge where we have what now feels a lot like a home! Crazy, huh?!?!

Moving itself was insane – we had a pretty full truck of things to move from storage in Vermont (thanks Paul and Eve!!) to our new apartment in Cambridge (the first picture below is Noah in the truck after we’d already unloaded a lot of stuff):

IMG_8392 IMG_8391 IMG_8390

Moving all the stuff out of the truck felt like a lot of work, but after everything was inside we realized the work had only begun! Where to put everything?!?!

IMG_8396 IMG_8397

Slowly but surely, we started finding spots for everything, and Noah was a real star assembling and putting together all of our IKEA furniture:

IMG_8404 IMG_8403 IMG_8412

Unfortunately, our IKEA bed delivery couldn’t come until a few days until after we moved, so we had a few nights on an air mattress:

IMG_8400 IMG_8410

We also discovered that moving takes approximately one gillion trips to Target:

IMG_8395 IMG_8394

Probably the most eventful thing to occur during our move was the unfortunately-timed, mysterious activation of a deadlock in our front door to which there is no key. We had to wait for almost two hours to get in while the building manager sent someone who then eventually called a locksmith (pictured below) to let us in. At the time, it felt pretty frustrating because we were in the midst of moving things in from the van and trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour, but in hindsight it’s pretty silly and a good story!


It was also a lot of fun to unpack and find all of our great stuff that had been in storage for a while when we were in Israel…such as our Dominion game collection!


The last great moving success that I’ll mention was our fortuitous inheritance of this bike rack (please ignore the finger in the bottom of the picture frame…):


When Noah and I visited the apartment as perspective buyers a couple months before moving in, we oohed and aahed at the bike rack in the former tenants foyer – it looked so cool and good at space saving! In between the time that we visited the apartment and moved in, we talked several times about how neat the rack was and how maybe we should try to buy one like it. Then, the night we moved in, after the locksmith extravaganza and an overall stressful day, we happened to notice some pieces of metal arranged in a weird way near the trashcan outside of the apartment building. On closer inspection….we realized that it was the disassembled bike rack! Miracle of miracles! Obviously, we excitedly gathered the pieces and reinstalled it in our foyer for our own purposes. YAY! All in all, a nice treat for a strenuous move-in day. 🙂

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