LegoLand: Adult Night

In the great landscape of injustices, the exclusion of adults from LegoLand unless they are accompanied by a child is pretty minimal. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty disappointing. Especially if you love Legos.

Noah has always been a big Lego fan and had mentioned his dismay at LegoLand’s draconian age restrictions a few times. So, imagine my excitement when I discovered that the LegoLand Discovery Center in Somerville has a solution to this very matter – Adult Night!

Yes, it is true. Once a month, on the third Wednesday of the month, you and all your childless, adult friends can release your inner master builder and go to LegoLand. And, it gets better. Every month there is a different theme for adult night. Last month, in November, the theme was Star Wars. This was basic math to me…. LEGOS + STAR WARS = BEST DATE NIGHT EVER. I kept the details of date night revealed from Noah for a little while but eventually couldn’t keep my excitement contained. Needless to say, he was also very excited.

A few Wednesdays ago the day finally came and we met after school/work at LegoLand.



After getting inside, we immediately checked out the Lego mini-world of Boston. It was awesome! There were sports stadiums…

IMG_8535IMG_8536 IMG_8533 IMG_8532

…and historic buildings/landmarks…

IMG_8534  IMG_8526

…and, in line with the Star Wars theme, there were some Star Wars figurines mixed into the mini-world, such as these little dudes coming up from the Charles River (sorry the pictures are blurry! The room was a bit dark and the figurines were small!).


After thoroughly checking out the mini-world, we went to explore the rest of LegoLand. There was a master builder room where we could play around making our own Lego creations, a bunch of cool Lego structures/statues…

IMG_8531 IMG_8528

…a few rides, including one where we got to shoot laser guns at targets to earn points. Noah beat me, unfortunately. We also watched a 3D Lego movie!


One of the most fun touches of LegoLand was the presence of some members of the 501st Legion (Star Wars fan/costume club). They were floating around the adult night. #jus’chillen


We made sure to snap a few pics with Darth Vader before we left:

IMG_8543 IMG_8545

All in all, LegoLand Adult Night was great fun – A++ for anyone looking for a date night or childhood getaway. We even saw an adult birthday party while we were there!

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