You know it’s a Middle Eastern snowstorm when…

About a month ago, there were 3 “snow” days in Jerusalem. School was cancelled, many shops closed, but there was essentially no snow. It was a little disappointing from the play-in-the-snow perspective, but nice from the I-have-a-free-day perspective. This week, when I heard there was going to be snow (after a couple of weeks with weather in the 60s and 70s!), I was quite skeptical that there would much out of the ordinary.

BUT, this morning when I woke up…

IMG_6654 IMG_6655


Much surprise. 🙂

IMG_6657 IMG_6658

After a quick breakfast of eggs in a hole…

IMG_6660 IMG_6662

It was time to explore!!!

IMG_6664 IMG_6665

On our adventures, I learned the following:

You know it’s a Middle Eastern snow storm when…

The roads are completely deserted of cars when confronted with the fluffy white stuff:


People try to go sledding with their surf boards:


Plastic bags are considered a reasonable alternative for snow boots:

IMG_6679 IMG_6692

Plastic bags are a reasonable alternative for a snow brush:


Construction vehicles are used as plows:


People shake the snow from trees on top of them because…hey, it’s a novelty!


The roads have no drainage and become lakes after the mid-day melt:


Even bell-hops at fancy hotels can’t resist playing with the snow:


And you know you’re in a Jerusalem Middle Eastern snow storm when the haredim bust out the plastic bag hat covers…


And the only place to open in the morning is the neighborhood bakery because – OF COURSE – people need their challah and Shabbat waits for no snow storm. ❤


All and all, a fun and enlightening day. The city of gold, covered in white:

IMG_6687 IMG_6690 IMG_6671



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