Family trip to the Dead Sea

Noah and I were SUPER fortunate to have my parents visit us in Israel during Chanukah and part of the week after. We traveled throughout the country together, and I felt so lucky to see much of the country for the first time with my wonderful parents! 🙂 We did a lot, so I’ll try to chip away at the blog accounts of our travels over the next couple weeks, but I wanted to start with a recap of what I thought was a highlight of our trip together: the Dead Sea!

During our travels, we spent a couple days in the southern part of Israel visiting an area called Ein Gedi. Ein Gedi is an oasis west of the Dead Sea, and the area is characterized by a unique mixture of desert and green – home to the lowest place on earth (the Dead Sea) and a collection of spas featuring treatments using the unique minerals found at this location. The Dead Sea lies 1,388 feet below sea level, and the salt concentration of the water is so high that people can float in the water. The collection of minerals that accumulate here in the water and mud are heralded as being particularly good for the skin, and an spa business has been built out of the attraction of the location to tourists.

Yet, the ‘beach’ front and spa at the Dead Sea are different from what one might expect at an American spa. The walkway to the sea is barren and without fanfare:

IMG_5913 IMG_5915

Fortunately, the openness of the area facilitated great views of the desert mountains in the distance as well as the effect of the sea’s salt accumulation on the bordering land:

IMG_5912 IMG_5919

Once at the waterfront, we read a cautionary sign about all of the ways we could potentially be injured during our visit:


Somehow, we mustered the courage to go into the water anyway:

IMG_5922 IMG_5927 IMG_5928

Maneuvering through the water was a bit challenging because so much salt has hardened on the bottom of the sea that the ground is rough and sharp – look at this salt caked onto the ramp leading into the water!:


Once we ‘laid’ down in the water though, it was easy-breezy. No need to tread water here. 🙂


More family trip posts coming soon…thanks for visiting me! I love you so much and miss you already! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Family trip to the Dead Sea

  1. The Dead Sea was not my favorite part of the trip, but I do think it was the funniest. I missed that warning about needing sandals. Love, Papa

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