Spotted this week in Jerusalem

SPOTTED – a child flailing about and running around on the sidewalk while parents shop at a nearby store:


There is something both befuddling and normalizing about noticing the apparent unconcern of Israeli parents for their childrens’ exploration of the world. Run around alone on the sidewalk? Sure! Climb that huge fence to play at the locked basketball court with no adults nearby? No problem! Talk to strangers in the park? Go for it! Maybe there’s here for the hyper-worried-borderline-paranoid industry of helicopter parenting to learn. Trust people. Everything will be fine. 

SPOTTED – a gorgeous sunset seen looking out from one of the windows of the Pardes Beit Midrash:


Give me a beautiful pink and orange sunset sinking over Jerusalem before cozying up with the Rashi commentary on the parashat hashavua (weekly Torah portion) any day. 🙂

SPOTTED – signs of a psychic, mysterious force in the universe that snuck this business card into my backpack without my knowledge only to be discovered who-knows-how-long later during a mid-morning slump:



In other news…this was a big week in my apartment. A much anticipated arrival came…

IMG_5055photo 3 (24)photo 1 (29)

Noah ordered a couple board games from the US about a month ago and has been awaiting their arrival with great anticipation. FINALLY, they arrived yesterday. Pictured above is “Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear.” Before this game’s arrival, Noah told me that part of the game’s appeal was that it is relatively easy to explain to and be learned by new players. Perfect for me!

Little did I know that in serious hex-based war games, “relatively easy to explain” means that it comes with a 20 page instruction booklet that is an 7 pt. font. Luckily, Noah was there to help explain:

IMG_5060 IMG_5058 IMG_5057

Pumped for play:


I lost (shocking), and Noah has spent time today working on strategy by playing himself (spoiler alert: he won), so I don’t anticipate my win percentage is going to increase by much in the coming weeks. But, there’s always hope!

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