One Great Dog

We got Maxi when I was 10. It took about that many years to convince my mom to get a dog, but finally, we had one! Maxi was a great pal to my brother, Samuel, and me and often a source of entertainment:

MyPicture_2_2 MyPicture_4_2 MyPicture_9

She was always good for a snuggle:

IMG_0295_2 CIMG0309IMG_0442

And, damn, that girl could eat:


Even my mom grew to love her:


When Maxi was about 10, we got Clover – a feisty labradoodle with a lot of energy. Sometimes too much energy:

CIMG2973 CIMG2976

But Maxi and Clover were pals, and deep down they loved each other:

IMG_0330_2 photo (1) IMG_0049

Plus, they always enjoyed a good car ride together:

CIMG3003 CIMG3004

The average life span of a lab is 12 years, and time definitely started taking its toll on Maxi. She got diabetes and went blind:


And the amount of time she spent laying around without moving seemed to increase (at least she had a buddy to lay around with her!):

photo 1 (13) photo 4 (12)photo 1 (14)

Sometimes she would lumber around:

photo(226) photo(221)

But then she would get tired quickly:


Maxi was 15 years old this year which, as the vet said, “for a lab is ancient!” We found out that Maxi had a large tumor and it would be increasingly difficult for her to eat and move around. We didn’t want her to be uncomfortable, and we thought the kindest thing would be to put her to sleep. As of yesterday at 2pm, Maxi won’t be around anymore.

Maxi said goodbye when I went to college:


And she said goodbye when I moved to Minneapolis:


And I’m so sad that I wasn’t there to say goodbye to her yesterday. So, hopefully this can serve as a goodbye of sorts.

Bye, Maxi, I will really miss you.





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