It’s been a while…

Hi folks! I’ve been on a slight hiatus from blogging. Blame studying for the GRE. Or researching grad schools. Or a major fundraiser at work. Or my own inability to plug my phone into the computer and upload photos…

Whatever the cause, it’s been a while – but I’m back now! And it’s time to play catch up. To start, I will recap some of the social highlights from our time apart. The biggest highlight was a visit from a very special friend and forever love:


I refer to the person, not the dog, Diggity.

Festivities ensued. Group brunch included mucho delicious food:

apples and brie

apples and brie


vegan pumpkin pancakes

vegan pumpkin pancakes


autumnal salad

autumnal salad

Overall, it was a fabulous spread:

IMG_2763 IMG_2767 IMG_2764

Insert coffee and mimosas, and we have the ideal brunch:

IMG_2753 IMG_2761 IMG_2749

After brunch, a visit to everyone’s every Carl’s favorite Minnesota apple orchard was in order.


Known for its delicious apples.cider.cheese.fudge, Fireside Orchard has it all.


The orchard itself can’t be beat with the beautiful walkways and bountiful supply of multiple apple varieties:

IMG_2773 IMG_2784 IMG_2785 IMG_2788

No trip to the orchard, however, could be complete without a stop at the small store on site and a sampling of its mouth-watering goodies.

caramel apples

caramel apples


cider donuts

cider donuts



And don’t forget some hot cider on your way out!

IMG_2776 IMG_2777

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