Breakfast on the Farm

A few weekends ago, I had a very exciting Saturday morning. The day started with a beautiful bike ride from Lake Minnetonka on the Dakota Rail Regional Trail.

CIMG5969 CIMG5971 CIMG5970

The final destination was unknown to me when we started, but about 12 miles and 1 hour later, we arrived at Gale Woods Farm.

We had visited Gale Woods Farm a couple of years ago for the second best Valentine’s Day ever (runner up to the zoo). Gale Woods Farm is part of the Three Rivers Park District.

CIMG5976 CIMG5978

In addition to being a full-functioning farm that produces meat, eggs, and produce, it also focuses on education, offering a variety of classes and community events. We were there for ‘Breakfast on the Farm’ – an annual fundraiser that features a menu comprised of entirely locally-grown and produced ingredients.


Breakfast was served buffet-style, and the menu included eggs, potatoes, biscuits, cinnamon buns, and fresh fruit:

CIMG5979 CIMG5982 CIMG5983

The farm was packed, and we could see the cooks hard at work in the open-air kitchen:

CIMG5980 CIMG5981

After finishing our food, we walked around the farm to check out the animals. We saw cows…

CIMG5985 CIMG5986

and chickens….

CIMG5992 CIMG5993

and sheep…

CIMG5988 CIMG5989

We also tried some samples from the garden:

CIMG5991 CIMG5995

Lastly, we went to a demonstration on beekeeping and learned about honey production.

CIMG5996 CIMG5997

One interesting thing I learned was that the image I have in my mind of a beehive is actually inaccurate. I always thought that beehives looked like this…


Actually, nests that hang from the tree like that are wasps nests, and true beehives more resemble honeycomb hanging from a tree:


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