Grand Superior Lodge

After dinner at Betty’s, it was time to make our way to Grand Superior Lodge where we would be staying for the weekend. The lodge is located on the North Shore of Lake Superior, just a few minutes away from Two Harbors ‘central.’ The quotes are because Two Harbors is a very small town.  Here are some pics:

IMG_2033 IMG_2032

They have old school decor:


Oh, and they like to keep vending machines on the outside of buildings:



Anyway…back to the lodge.


Welcome to the Love Shack, baby.


The Love Shack, like most (or all?) of the lodges within the Grand Superior Lodging Complex, was owned by a family who rents it out. The lodge felt very homey and welcoming:

CIMG5835 CIMG5838

The family had lots of wall hangings and decorative pieces around the home:

CIMG5822 CIMG5834

They seemed to especially like decorating with animals. There were LOTS of animals. Look at this bear peeking in the window:


It must be a baby bear since its feet don’t touch the ground:


The lodge we stayed in could sleep six if you wanted to cram. There’s a fully stocked kitchen:

CIMG5833 CIMG5832

One bathroom:

CIMG5831 CIMG5830

Plus an extra tub inside the master bedroom (we thought this was pretty funny):

CIMG5824 CIMG5825 CIMG5823

The main living area had a couch (with a fold out bed inside), a chair, and a fireplace:

CIMG5829 CIMG5828

There was an upstairs loft area as well with a futon:

CIMG5841 CIMG5840

The ceiling was slanted and very low. Note the distance between head and ceiling while sitting on the bed:


View from our window:


After getting settled in the lodge, we wanted to check out the rest of the resort property. We left the lodge by our back porch (with a grill!):


And walked down to the lake:

CIMG5847 CIMG5848 CIMG5851

We also checked out the swimming pool and hot tub in the main lodge:

CIMG5853 CIMG5852

The main lodge also had a small sauna and an extremely tiny exercise room (one treadmill, one elliptical, and a few hand weights). It didn’t take long to figure out the lay of the land, so we headed back to the lodge to get ready for a trip to Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock Lighthouse (post coming soon about these adventures!).


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