A few weekends ago I participated in the Minneapolis City Solve race. One of the stops was at Kosama, a group fitness facility that offers a variety of classes. Since I’m always interested in trying new fitness experiences (especially free ones!), I decided to take advantage of a free introductory class at Kosama.

Kosama has an intriguing structure to their classes. Each day they offer either kettlebells:






Or Kosama Strong, which is a combination of kettlebells, TRX, and plyometrics.

These class offerings are consistent throughout the week (e.g., Mondays are Kettlebells, Tuesdays are Kickboxing, etc.), and each month has a specific set of exercises done for each workout. At the beginning of each month the set of exercises are changed. So, the kettlebell workout for January is different from the kettlebell workout for February. The idea is that your body won’t be able to adapt and plateau because you are changing the specific exercises every 4 weeks.

I decided to try a Kosama strong class to get a taste of everything (besides kickboxing…I’ve never become a big fan). The inside of the studio was clean and spacious, and the staff were incredibly friendly. A major downside is that there are no real locker rooms though. There are only a couple single-person bathrooms that have a shower inside:

IMG_1958 IMG_1957

The class I attended was small (only 6 people), so it wasn’t an issue after class when I needed to change, but I imagine in larger classes it would be inconvenient to need to wait for a space to change/shower.

The class itself included a warm-up, cool-down, and about 15 minutes each of kettlebells, TRX, and plyometrics. Exercises are done for about 45-60 seconds each and then you move on to the next one. Exercises are never repeated.

I enjoyed the fast pace and trying new things (especially TRX which I had never used before!). During and immediately after class I didn’t feel too tired, but later in the day my arms felt sore which made me think I had used some muscles I don’t generally get to in my typical weight lifting.

Overall, Kosama was fun to try, but I’m definitely not planning on shelling out another $100/month or so to join. I don’t think I get enough added benefit to my own workouts – plus the location is not too convenient (it’s downtown and I’m uptown). Still, if you’re looking for motivation and a personalized approach, I think this might pay off more than hiring a personal trainer at the gym since the class moves so quickly and you never stop moving.

Do you know of any other unique fitness experiences to try around the Twin Cities or in general?


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