City Solve

Last weekend was one of the most anticipated events of the summer….my summer that is.

CitySolve Urban Race – Minneapolis Edition

CitySolve is a scavenger hunt race through the city (it’s offered in cities all across the country), where you and your team (up to four people) solve clues and race around to take pictures at various locations.

Noah and I did CitySolve for the first time last summer in 2012, and we couldn’t wait to do the race again this year! Now that we’re more familiar with Minneapolis, we thought we’d be a lot faster at solving the clues and navigating the city. To prepare, we gathered the essentials:


The check-in for the race was at Cowboy Jack’s downtown near Target Field.


A fearless leader from CitySolve made some announcements before we got started:


The race begins with a first clue that has four multiple choice answers. Each answer is linked to a different location. Once you solve the clue, you race to the matching location to pick up the full clue packet (10 questions and 2 bonus questions).


Our strategy was to solve all of the clues before starting to race around – that way we could plan the most effective route. Locations we needed to visit brought us from the north end of downtown by Target Field all the way to the Hennepin/Lake intersection in Uptown. The only acceptable modes of transportation for CitySolve are your own two feet and the bus. We ended up running the whole way because we thought it would be faster (which it was!), and we calculated the total distance to be about 6 miles.

Here are some sweaty pictures from along the route:

IMG_1907 IMG_1908 IMG_1909 IMG_1910 IMG_1911 IMG_1912 IMG_1917 IMG_1919 IMG_1921 IMG_1922 IMG_1923 IMG_1926

Sometimes it is hard to get two people and a sign in the photo:


We improved so much from last summer to this summer! I don’t even remember how we placed last year, but it wasn’t good enough to remember. This year, we got fifth place out of about 150 teams! We only missed the third place spot by 7 minutes! Next year, we’re taking this thing for sure. 🙂

3 thoughts on “City Solve

  1. Very impressive. 5th out of 150. Way to go. Great strategy. I hope you haven’t given away a great approach…to your competition. 🙂

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