The Lynn on Bryant

HOLD THE PHONES – there is a new restaurant to add to my favorite eats list. Am I the only one to be super excited about this? Nope, you are too? That’s what I thought. 🙂 Introducing…

The Lynn on Bryant

photo 2(1)

This new-ish restaurant features a cafe seating area as well as a more formal dining room. The cafe area (where we sat) also offers a view into the kitchen – always a sign of a restaurant with high-quality food! Dishes are prepared with ingredients from local area farms and cooperatives. Plus, the restaurant owner, Peter Ireland, is from Vermont! BIG bonus points.

We started our meal with a fresh and delicious salad:

photo 3

Warm bread and butter also came to the table:

photo 4

My dinner was AMAZING. Definitely one of the best dishes I’ve had at a Twin Cities restaurant. I ordered the Bryant Burger – a vegetarian bulgar wheat burger made with vegetable puree and served with goat cheese, cabbage slaw, and chickpea fries.



Noah ordered the Lynn Burger which was a beef patty on an english muffin with bearnaise sauce and regular fries. He also raved. We ordered a (homemade) ice cream sundae for dessert. Bottom line: go here now! You won’t leave disappointed.

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