Italy: Part 3

One of the biggest highlights of my Italy trip was biking the Appian Way.

CIMG5654 CIMG5638

The Appian Way, or via Appia, is an early and strategically important Roman road. This was the first long road that could be used to transport troops outside of Rome. The road connects to areas south of Rome, and it was the main way to transport military supplies and troops. Now, the road is used as a walking, jogging, and biking trail amid beautiful landscapes. Along the trail are also several sights, including several churches, catacombs, and circus of maxentius.

Noah and I decided that biking the Appian Way would be a great way to spend one of our weekend days together. We took a bus out to the road and rented bikes at a small cafe.

CIMG5653 CIMG5637

We traveled leisurely, stopping to look at all the sights:

CIMG5636 CIMG5639 CIMG5642

The trail was beautiful:

CIMG5644 CIMG5646 CIMG5645

The secluded trails felt so distant from central Rome even though we weren’t that far away:


After biking the length of trail and backtracking to the bike-rental cafe, we decided to get lunch:

CIMG5652 CIMG5651

After lunch, we read more Rick Steves while we waiting for the bus:

CIMG5650 CIMG5649

Rick Steves is the best. All of his walking tours are incredibly informative, easy to follow, and interesting! I would highly recommend his guidebooks to anyone interested in self-directed travel.

When the bus came, instead of heading straight back to the city, we made a detour at Aqueduct Park. The park was really neat for two reasons. First, it shows the remains of Rome aqueducts – an incredible engineering accomplishment! Second, the park was full of Italians having picnics, grilling, and enjoying the sunshine. It was fun to be in an area with real Italians living their regular lives instead of in the city center surrounded by tourists.

CIMG5655 CIMG5657 CIMG5667

Walking through the park and exploring the aqueducts gave us a little hike, and we had a lot of fun making our way through the park’s trails:

CIMG5658 CIMG5668 CIMG5664

When we got back after the park, we were both exhausted from all the adventures and time outside. The solution to our fatigue took the delicious form of a restaurant call Il Brillo Parlante.

IMG_1555 IMG_1558

Il Brillo is a wine bar/restaurant with an assortment of traditional Italian dishes and homemade pastas


I ordered a pesto pasta dish and a side of veggies. Noah ordered bruschetta and lamb.

IMG_1556 IMG_1557

This pasta dish may have been the best meal I had during my visit. The noodles were small and tightly twisted with a wonderfully chewy consistency. The pesto sauce was phenomenal, and the pasta was served inside of a fried bread shell that was DELICIOUS. The vegetables tasted so fresh and flavorful even though they were only prepared by boiling. Big win for the restaurant!

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