Haute Dog

In addition to being a nice shopping/eating venue, Calhoun Square in Uptown often has weekend events open to anyone interested. The events are usually themed (coffee, fashion, motorcycles, etc.) and feature related vendors and activities. This past weekend, Calhoun Square hosted, quite-possibly, its best event yet.

Haute Dog: Urban. Fashion. Lifestyle.

photo 2(117)


The photo above was taken of a poster advertising the event on Monday – so there were six agonizing days of anticipation. As described on the poster, the event would feature:

– Free Animal Communication (Pet Psychic)
– PETicures
– Doggie Fashion Show
– Free Doggie Treat Buffet
– PAWparazzi – Free Dog Photos with Celebs

Vendors were advertised to include: JimmyCHEW, BONE Appetite, and So FETCHing.

I know, right?!

Naturally, priority #1 was finding a dog to bring with me. That proved not be too difficult since I found someone through work who would come with their dog.

When Sunday finally came and it was time for Haute DogI was beyond excited. We could tell as soon as we walked in that we were in the right place:

photo 4(122) photo 2(134)


The dogs pictured above were huge! And slobbery. And their hair was super matted. Possibly a result of the aforementioned slobbering.

Dog watching continued as we met these two poodles:

photo 5(110) photo 1(141)

The owner said she uses only natural dyes and bleaches so she doesn’t damage the dogs hair or skin at all. I wonder if they know how crazy they look?!

The flier was accurate in saying there would be a free doggie treat buffet. There were tons of different treats to sample, and some vendors were even giving away small bags of treats for people to take home! Some of the fancier treats were available for purchase:

photo 3(135)


These look good enough for me to eat (and the woman behind the counter assured me that they would be completely edible and safe for humans!). The treats above are made by Posh Pooch, and they are decorated dog cookies in a variety of bright colors and fun shapes (the squirrel shaped cookie was my favorite). We bought a peanut butter cup and a bone shaped cookie:

photo 4(121)


Although the poster’s teasers for free treats was accurate, I was a bit disappointed by the ‘photos with celebs’:

photo 2(135)


A little misleading, no?

Nonetheless, it was fun watching people try to get their dog’s heads aligned with the hole.

Several pet service businesses had small advertising booths. I thought this one was funny since it advertised a Pet Taxi:

photo 5(109)


Whose pet needs a taxi?!

After all the excitement:

photo 1(140)


Our doggie was pooped:

photo 4(120) photo 5(108)


So pooped in fact, we couldn’t get her to move. Good thing Haute Dog thought of everything:

photo 3(134)


harhar 🙂

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