Girls Night and Dogwood Coffee

Girls’ nights are the best. The absolute best. I am so lucky that I have wonderful female friends who I can hole up with on a weekend night and do things like paint our toenails:

photo 3(130)

And make friendship bracelets:

photo 1(136) photo 2(130)

Yesss. In other news….

We also ventured to Dogwood Coffee. Dogwood is located in Calhoun Square in Uptown. It’s set up in the lobby area just inside the entrance on Hennepin.

photo 4(115)

They have a simple menu of coffee, teas, and specialty drinks:

photo 5(103) photo 1(135)

And a small seating area with some funky art:

photo 3(129) photo 4(116)

Dogwood places a lot of importance on building relationships with the people/producers/groups that source their products. They have coffee that comes from Burundi, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Colombia. Not being coffee drinkers, we got a hot chocolate:

photo 5(104)

Dogwood is definitely a cute coffee stop, but it’s pretty pricey for an everyday joe. I got tea here once a few months ago. They brewed it loose leaf – which is probably higher quality – but I would have preferred to just have a tea bag so I could refill the cup with hot water later. I don’t love paying nearly $3 for a cup of tea – especially if I can’t reuse the bag!

While at Dogwood, I learned about the first annual Minneapolis coffee crawl that just began:

photo 2(129)

From the poster, I gather that you can purchase a $15 coffee crawl card that will earn you discounts at all participating locations for two weeks. Seems like a neat idea! If I were a frequent coffee drinker I would definitely consider buying one since this seems like a fun community event. Alas, I am not a coffee drinker, so I’ll put my money towards other events. 🙂

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