Yesterday, I found this little fellow behind my apartment:

photo 1(81) photo 2(79)

He stayed perfectly still while I took these pictures – I think he was scared and thought I was predator and figured that if he didn’t move at all then I wouldn’t notice he was there. No such luck, buddy. Still, I felt bad when I did eventually walk inside since he startled so badly.

Today, our bunny friend has been buried in a tomb of snow!!!

photo 3(80)

I hope bunny made it out okay, but really, Minnesota, this is just cruel. Everyone thought it was almost spring. Then this happened:

photo 4(69) photo 5(63)

And this:

photo 1(82) photo 2(80)

When will it end?!?! I hope that the weather is clear for my half marathon next weekend, since I definitely don’t feel like running 13.1 miles in the snow.

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