Piece a Pizza

okay…do this:

First, say “piece a pizza.”

Then, say “piece a pizza” really fast.

It sounds like you’re just saying ‘pizza’ twice in a row, huh? And on that note, here’s a pizza recipe for you!

I bought some almond flour at the store last week, so I decided to make an almond flour crust. I followed this recipe for the crust. I found the tip about having wet hands to spread the dough VERY helpful – the mixture was incredibly sticky.

photo 1(74) photo 2(72)

I cooked the crust for 13 minutes at 350° and meanwhile worked on preparing some of the toppings. I cooked up an onion in a skillet coated with non-stick spray:

photo 5(55)

And heated some spinach in a can of tomato paste for the sauce:

photo 1(77)

After 13 minutes in the oven, the crust looked like this:

photo 2(76)

I topped with the sauce/spinach mixture, the onions, and a layer of baby port0bellos:

photo 3(75)

Plus a layer of morningstar veggie ‘sausage’ patties:

photo 4(66)

And a layer of mozzarella cheese:

photo 5(60)

Cook for another 20 minutes at 350° until it’s nice and melty:

photo 1(78)

I divided the pizza right away into four servings to bring to lunch during the week:

photo 4(67)

Can’t wait!! This pizza is definitely an eat-with-a-knife-and-fork kind rather than with your hands, but it is very good and I really like the almond flour flavor. I’ll need to find other almond flour recipes to use up the bag!

Does anyone have almond flour recipe suggestions?



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