Turkey Spinach Meatballs and Broccoli

Now that restaurant week is over, it’s time to get back in the kitchen! A few weeks ago I found a recipe for spinach and turkey meatballs on Fast Paleo (a paleo recipe-sharing site) that caught my eye, so I decided to make that. I had originally planned to serve it with spaghetti squash, but I forgot to buy some at the store, so I improvised and decided to pair it with broccoli and toast.

For the meatballs, I combined 1.25 lbs of ground turkey (Jennie-O extra lean) with one egg, a heaping teaspoon of garlic powder, a few shakes of garlic salt, and a generous 1/2 teaspoon of cumin.

photo 2(69)

I added one cup (plus a little) of chopped spinach:

photo 3(68)

Mix it all together:

photo 4(59)

And form into balls on a baking tray:

photo 5(54)

The mixture held together well enough to shape, but it wasn’t too moldable (I think there may have been a little too much spinach). I cooked for 23 minutes at 350°.

Meanwhile, I prepped some broccoli. Tina at Carrots N Cake has raved many times about a roasted broccoli recipe. I decided to finally try it for myself. The prep was pretty easy. Just chop up your broccoli:

photo 1(72) photo 2(70)

Add a couple tablespoons of olive oil and a couple tablespoons of sugar (I really did more like 1.5 tablespoons of sugar):

photo 3(69)

Broil on high for 8 minutes:

photo 4(60)

Although any broccoli is good broccoli to me, I definitely don’t think I did this recipe quite right. First of all, I think I was using a larger quantity of broccoli than in the original recipe, so I may have needed a little more oil/sugar. Additionally, the broiling time wasn’t sufficient for my oven, and I think I should have left the broccoli in there to cook a little longer. Oh well! I don’t know if I will try this recipe again anyway though – something about adding sugar to my veggies feels like sacrilege.

Here’s the final product – plus a few mini portabellos on top…

photo 4(62)

…and some wheat toast with hummus:

photo 5(56)

Restaurant week was fun, but it’s nice to back in my own kitchen.

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