My Personal Restaurant Week

My family is visiting from out of town, so the next few days are going to be sort of like my own personal restaurant week. I don’t normally eat many meals out at all, so this is an exciting treat and opportunity to try several restaurants I’ve had my eye on.

First up, Broders’ Pasta Bar in the Linden Hills neighborhood. This restaurant features homemade pastas and a wide selection of traditional Italian dishes.

photo 2(56) photo 3(54)

The menu had a lot of enticing dishes. The most interesting to me were a ricotta gnocchi with peppered beef, spaghetti with meatballs, and a fettuccine with salmon, capers, and pistachios. While I was trying to decide, a basket of focaccia, sourdough, and salted crackers were brought to the table:

photo 4(46)

On the waitress’ recommendation, I finally decided on the meatballs. I substituted linguine for the spaghetti though because the linguine was homemade and the spaghetti wasn’t. Direct quote from the waitress, “It’s the best meatballs and sauce I’ve ever had – and I’ve tried a lot.”


The dish was fabulous. The sauce wasn’t too overwhelming, and the meatballs had a great flavor. If I went back, I would probably want to try another one of the appealing dishes though since there were so many good looking items!

Since I stayed at the hotel with my family, I took a quick stop by Dunn Brothers with my father for breakfast.

photo 1(58)

This Dunn Brothers is inside of the Minneapolis Convention Center. I tried a vegetarian breakfast sandwich and had a yogurt parfait minus the granola:

photo 3(55) photo 2(57)

This was not good. I feel strongly about eating my own sort of breakfast, and the weird food in the morning didn’t make me feel very good. Neither item was too tasted – I’m going to pack my own breakfast from home if I stay at the hotel again. This breakfast incident made me realize that I have two primary meal preferences.

1) I don’t like to switch up breakfast. I know what I like, and I like to make it in my own kitchen.
2) I like to eat lunch alone.

I can try, but I just don’t like switching these rules up. Call me a creature of habit.

What are your meal preferences?

7 thoughts on “My Personal Restaurant Week

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  2. Love the idea of doing one’s own personal restaurant week, always a fun thing.
    I have to ask though, cuz I just can’t think of an answer for it: why exactly did you make the choice of the pasta that WASN’T homemade? It feels like an odd decision to me, and I’m very curious as to why you took it.

    • well that’s why I switched the spaghetti out for linguine – since the linguine was homemade but the spaghetti wasn’t. I don’t know why the spaghetti wasn’t homemade…their penne wasn’t either but everything else seemed to be

      • Ahhh, thank you thank you, for some reason I read that in a way that it seemed you chose the spaghetti (not sure why… my brain is wierd sometimes).
        And penne is penne, not an easy fella to do homemade, need a special machine and whatnot. No clue about the spaghetti method though, so I’m just as curious as you on that.

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