Biking and El Nuevo Rodeo

Friday morning it was a beautiful spring day. Sort of like this…

beautiful Spring Day on a country road - spring Photo [source]

Okay, so I might be slightly exaggerating. But it was really nice outside and it seemed appropriate to bike to work. By 4 o’clock it had turned to this:

photo 2(49)

You might think it was just rainy, but it was actually more of a sleet/snow that turned to water when it hit the ground. Needless to say, by bike ride home was not the greatest. I was not wearing appropriate clothing and I got soaked:

photo 1(50)

Oh well! After I showered and changed, I had dinner with some friends at El Nuevo Rodeo. It’s a Mexican restaurant in south Minneapolis on Lake Street. I hadn’t been there before, but a friend of mine had a deal for them from Have you ever heard of I hadn’t, but apparently it’s a groupon-esque sight for just restaurants. We started with chips and guac (obviously):

photo 3(47)

The guacamole was good and had hints of jalapeno and cilantro. I ordered fajitas for my main meal. I was very hungry when the food arrived, so I forgot to take a picture. They were good though. I’ve noticed that at a lot of Mexican restaurants they give you heaping portions of rice and beans with your meal. The portions at El Nuevo Rancho were much more reasonably sized. The fajitas came with meat (I got combo chicken and steak), onions, and bell peppers. They were delicious. Others at the table got flautas, chile relleno, and chicken mole enchiladas. I tried the mole sauce. It was very rich and tasty but might be a little dense if you eat too much.

We were there fairly late, and by the time we finished our meal it was happy hour. So as not to waste a perfectly good happy hour deal, one of friends ordered the Coco Loco – malibu rum, gin, coconut cream and pineapple juice served in a COCONUT!

photo 4(40)

Everyone at the table thoroughly admired the presentation. Overall, I liked the food, but I wasn’t so smitten that I would go back here as opposed to trying the Mexican food at another establishment. If anyone knows a great Mexican restaurant in Minneapolis, let me know!


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