Mount Hunger

While in Vermont, Noah and I decided it would be fun to go for a hike. Luckily, Noah’s family had this nifty book in their library:


How appropriate. We found a hike up Mt. Hunger that looked appealing. It was a 4 mile hike (2 miles up, 2 miles down), that brought us up a 2,200 elevation climb to a great lookout peak.


Doesn’t that look nice? Turns out that Mt. Death Hunger was a little more than we originally bargained for.

For the record, the trip up the mountain was quite nice. We both had nice boots to wear…


…and came with positive attitudes…

IMG_0970 IMG_0975

The trail was a lot snowier than we thought though, and there were some locations were I felt pretty unsteady and worried about slipping:

IMG_0971 IMG_0980

When we finally reached the peak, we had definitely gotten a good workout in. I was sweating a lot! The skies were incredibly clear and it seemed as though we could see across the whole state!

IMG_0981 IMG_0982 IMG_0989

The views were amazing and we were all smiles:


My smile, however, quickly faded as we began our descent. It was so steep and icy, I couldn’t get traction and I kept slipping. I felt very nervous, but luckily Noah was there to help prevent me from having a panic attack navigate down the mountain. We ended up walking near the trail in deeper snow for almost the whole way down since we had more stability there than on the actual path. In hindsight, this hike would have been better to do when the snow wasn’t on the trail (or at least when the snow wasn’t so slick), but I still enjoyed the hike up the mountain, the views from the top, and the new memories of time in Vermont!

In total, the 4-mile hike took us about 4 hours, giving you an idea of how challenging the trail was!


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