Travels and Vermont Co-ops

I am currently in Vermont, enjoying the snow/sunshine, maple syrup, and a lovely week of total relaxation. Noah is from Vermont, so we’re here visiting his family. I traveled from MSP to Burlington on Delta, and man oh man, for anyone traveling through the Minneapolis/St Paul airport, you MUST go to Concourse G at Terminal 1. IT IS AMAZING! I’ve never had a flight from that concourse before, but I will be heading straight there from now on no matter where my flight is. First of all…

photo 2(42)

Seating areas with iPads at every spot. This is not just at some swanky restaurant but at EVERY SEAT in the concourse. Second of all…

photo 4(33) photo 5(28)

salad, fruit, and hot food bars a la Whole Foods. I was initially sort of skeptical (at an airport?), but a cursory look at the food led me to believe it was of a respectable quality. Third of all (the best for last)…

photo 3(40)

FROYOAGOGO. Yes, a frozen yogurt bar in the middle of the MSP airport Concourse G. I went a little crazy, as I’m sure all of you are doing right now. Bottom line: I am stoked. Do other airports have this incredible-ness?

Once I got to Burlington, it was nearly 2:00 and I was hungry. The hot/cold bars at the airport had been on my mind all day, so Noah and I decided to go the City Market – Onion River Coop.

photo 1(44)

Neither of us had been there before, and we both were very impressed. In addition to a wide selection of groceries and produce, there was a fabulous cold bar:

photo 4(34)

hot bar:

photo 5(29)

and deli:

photo 3(41)

I got a combo of foods from the cold bar:

photo 1(46)

In the mix: asian slaw, broccoli slaw, curry seitan, maple cabbage/carrots, and fruit salad. Everything was great. I really enjoy the taste of seitan and other wheat based faux-meats, but they always make me feel really full afterwards – almost like they get denser in my stomach. Does this happen to anyone else?

Noah got a sandwich from the sandwich bar (which offered various cold, grilled, and do-it-yourself options):

photo 2(45)

Yum. yum. After lunch, we did the quick 45 minute drive from Burlington to Montpelier. As luck would have it, we needed to do some grocery shopping for the house, so we ended up visiting the Hunger Mountain Coop in Montpelier as well!

photo 2(44)

Another great coop! When we walked in the door, we were immediately met with a colorful display of organic fruit and vegetables:

photo 3(42) photo 4(35)

There’s also a great bread section with loaves, rolls, bagels, etc. from local bakers:

photo 5(30)

Their hot and cold bars are smaller than the ones at the City Market Co-op in Burlington, but there was still enough to make me want to get lunch here sometime. They also offer hot and cold sandwiches as well as wraps and burritos. Starting my trip with these two beautiful co-ops got even more excited for my week in Vermont and enjoying all the great food and fun it has to offer!

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