Sushi Tango

I went to Sushi Tango in Uptown with a few friends this past week. Despite living only a couple blocks away, I’d never been here before.

photo 4(24)

It was dark inside, hence the poor picture quality of my chopsticks package.

We came during happy hour (which lasts until 7pm on weeknights), so several appetizers and sushi rolls were dirt cheap. We all ordered 2 items and no one paid more than $10, including tip. I ordered the vegetable gyoza (dumplings):

photo 5(19)

I wasn’t expecting them to be fried, which they were. I wouldn’t have ordered had I known, but I ate them anyway. I also had an asparagus roll but didn’t take a picture. Others around the table ordered california rolls, spicy salmon rolls, edamame, and shrimp spring rolls.

They definitely give you a nice quantity of food for the happy hour price, and the above dumplings plus asparagus roll (6 decent-sized pieces) filled me up for dinner. I do think the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ holds some weight here. The food price and quantity get high marks, but the quality is definitely lacking. Everything seemed to be ‘just okay,’ and there weren’t enough vegetarian options that there were a lot of other menu items for me to try (I don’t eat real sushi). My recommendation would be to go somewhere else if you’re looking for good sushi, but keep this in mind for a cheap happy hour option in Uptown.

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