Our Great Capital

I am in Washington DC! I am here for a conference Sunday-Tuesday, but I came early to visit with some of my wonderful friends. Any trip to the airport requires a trip to an airport Starbucks. I got a vanilla spice frappe and a veggie tray.

photo 2(14) photo 1(15)

The ‘spice’ added a little extra zing to the frappe flavor, but I wasn’t in love with it. Maybe I should have stuck with my usually favorite flavor of CHOCOLATE! I got the veggie tray for a plane snack. Most expensive veggie tray ever. $5 for a few vegetables! They sure make being healthy expensive. 😦 Boarding went smoothly and I arrived in DC just on schedule.

Right away I headed to the metro and waiting for me right there on the red line platform at Gallery Place was my wonderful besty for life:

the happy reunion!

the happy reunion!

We are so excited!! Not long after that, the fun continued at the wonderful apartment of these two great men:

I love my friends! We were all SO EXCITED to be together, so the obvious thing to do was go out for dinner and talk for hours. We went to Jake’s American Grill in the Friendship Heights area.

photo 1(16)

Jake’s had a pretty standard American food menu: burgers, sandwiches, fries. Cameron’s sriracha burger was probably the most unique thing on the menu. I ordered the french dip with sweet potato fries:

photo 2(15)

The sandwich was okay, and I would assess the restaurant as solidly mediocre. Afterwards, we walked across the street by this very DC-esque bookstore:

photo 3(15)

We also needed a stop at CVS to meet the various medical needs of our group:

photo 4(10)

I can’t say the metamucil has really kicked in yet….but I will persevere. Here’s my spread of vitamins for the morning:

photo 3(16)

I am ready to feel better now!

After our CVS excursion, we went to Comet’s for some ping-pong.

photo 2(16)

Comet’s is a pizza restaurant/bar/ping-pong place. This was A LOT of fun. Also, my team won ping-pong. Nbd. 🙂 To finish the night off, I acquired my own plastic DC metro card:

photo 1(17)

I’m hardly even a tourist anymore! It is so great to be here with my friends, laughing, catching up, and having an incredible weekend. Stay tuned for more of our adventures!

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