Isle Bun and Coffee

I will admit, I occasionally suffer from cravings. Sometimes I crave chocolate. Or milkshakes. Or self serve frozen yogurt. Once in a while I crave something healthy like an apple (let’s be real…maybe that happened once). This week I had a craving for a cinnamon roll. A warm, doughy, covered in frosting cinnamon roll. It is well respected word-on-the-street that if you’re in Minneapolis with a cinnamon roll craving there is only one location you should consider: Isle Bun and Coffee at 28th and Hennepin in Uptown.

photo 3(11)

I’ve heard that their coffee drinks are good, but I can’t imagine how any individual could go here and not get some sort of cinnamon bun. As soon as you near the storefront, the smell begins to overtake you, and when you walk inside the small indoor seating area, all attention must immediately be paid to the display case.

photo 3(10)

There are regular cinnamon buns, carmel sticky buns (exact same dough as cinnamon rolls but with a little carmel on top), carmel pecan buns, and puppy dog tails (a small version of the cinnamon buns). Of course, the puppy dog tail is the most reasonable portion of cinnamon roll – but why would I do that when I could do this?!

photo 1(11)

The carmel sticky bun is definitely the way to go because you can still help your self to delicious cream cheese from the unlimited frosting bin:

photo 2(10)

Seriously good thing I only get cinnamon bun cravings approximately twice a year, right? This thing was about the size of my head, so I wasn’t able to finish…

photo 4(7)

…maybe I should have gotten the puppy dog tail after all. In the end, I recalled why my cinnamon bun cravings are so infrequent in the first place; I don’t really love them that much. I guess I’ll just need to wait another six months until I forget and get another one.

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