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I apologize for my scant posting over the last few days. If it’s any consolation, check out my new recipe’s page! I blame my decreased presence in the blogosphere on 1) being busy, 2) being sick, and 3) no good reason at all.

I’ll start with the first…
Overcommitment is a chronic disease for me, and my current weekly schedule is no exception. On Monday nights I take art (see here and here), Tuesdays I work, Wednesdays are basketball, and the weekends somehow get crazier than the weeks (does that happen to anyone else?). Anyway, that leaves my beloved Thursday night as my ‘evening off.’ Did anyone notice I am posting this on a Thursday night? 🙂

The second…
Unfortunately, I was quite ill for the last week. Symptoms included: constant nausea, stomach pain, disgusting burps, general lack of desire to do anything besides call Noah/Mom/Papa and seek sympathy. My bout of who-knows-what concluded with a trip to urgent care (more for my piece of mind than piece of body), a visit to my primary clinic, and big jar of this stuff:

At least unless symptoms come back, my diagnosis is too much time off from the regularity train…if you know what I mean. We’ll see how that goes (I’m a skeptic of this orange powder even though I actually like the taste).

And the third…
The outside looks like this:
photo 2(11)
And I have cute things like this to distract me:

photo 1(12)

Noah’s creative way to make the bed – bears tucked in!

So, like I said, no good reason at all. 🙂

Question: Has anyone else taken a fiber supplement? How has it gone for you?

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