City of Lakes Loppet

This past weekend was the City of Lakes Loppet – an annual cross-country ski festival featuring the beautiful Twin Cities! The Loppet is a full weekend affair, with a wide variety of events happening throughout Saturday and Sunday. The race’s finish is in the heart of Uptown at the Hennepin and Lake intersection, so anyone around the area was sure to have seen the effects of the event. My first impression was inconvenience:

(that picture was not at all dangerous to take since my car hadn’t moved for approximately a million hours while I was stuck in traffic due to race-related road closures)

But after ditching the wheels and heading out on foot, the event was great! It’s always fun to see someone finish:

photo(162) photo(161)



Calhoun plaza was also transformed by racers, supporters, and volunteers:


Every great event needs a swag shop:


In addition to the races and spectator excitement, the Loppet also had a snow sculpture contest! Some of the entries were really incredible. Here are two of my favorites:

photo(157) photo(156)

Overall, this was a really fun event and I’d love to be part of it as a skier in the future! I have my eye on the Luminary Loppet – a night-time ski lit by ice ice luminaries – for next year.

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