Wuollet Bakery

Wuollet is a local bakery chain with six locations around the Twin Cities area. I’ve been there a couple times in the past and primarily remembered their chocolate dipped macaroons. My most recent visit to the shop was spurred by the fact that a friend bought a Groupon deal for the store. Even though I didn’t get anything, I can give a general report of the selection.

The bakery has all the essentials: cookies, donuts, cupcakes, and breads. There’s also a limited menu of tortes and pies. Here is the cookie case:

If I had been in the business to buy a treat, I would have preferred something with a more unique selection (I generally prefer an exotic cookie combo over a simple choco chip!). But, if snickerdoodles or other standards are your thing, then you would probably do just fine. The real show-offs of the display case were the cupcakes, coming in flavors like red velvet, lemon drop, and caramel salted almond. My friend ordered a pink lady cupcake:

It looked adorable and tasted – I was assured – delicious. If you are a cupcake or traditional cookie lover, I would say to go here. For myself, I think I’ll stick with the desserts at Cafe Latte.

2 thoughts on “Wuollet Bakery

  1. Have you tried Angel Food Bakery in Downtown Minneapolis, right next to Hell’s Kitchen? Sort of an up and down between products, but the ones that are good are REALLY good, and they make some fun, unique non-traditional flavors.

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