Game Time

Last night, I went to a Timberwolves vs. Clippers game at the Target Center. Although I originally wasn’t planning to attend, my appreciation for basketball combined with the availability of a free ticket left me no option but to head to the game. One warning if you’re going to a T-wolves game at the Target Center: they take their security really seriously! I was almost forced to check my draw-string shoe bag, and I wasn’t allowed to bring my Nalgene into the arena – even if I emptied it of water! To say this exchange with the security guard left me disgruntled would be an understatement. Luckily, my indignation passed soon enough.

Unfortunately, turns out that you get what you pay for when it comes to seats. This is what our $8 (or free, in my case) tickets got us:

photo (23)

Are those even people down there?! The arena was far from full though, and we used halftime as an opportunity for some sneaky maneuvering that brought us here:

photo (24)

Not bad, eh? My enjoyment of the game increased significantly once we were in the lower level near the court. In the balcony, there were very few people, no crowd excitement to speak of, and I could see the jumbotron screen better than the court. In contrast, the lower level was big time fun with lots of riled fans and a clear view of all the action. The game was close overall – especially for the last few minutes – but the T-Wolves ended up falling behind at the end and losing.

After the game is when the real adventure began as my life became a scene from this:

Dude, Where's My Car? (2000) Poster
[image source]

or this:

[image source]

Yep. No one in my group remembered to notice where we left the car in the parking garage. After wandering through the whole 4th floor, we went to the 5th, to return to the 4th…you get the idea. And did I mention that it was freezing?! After what felt like years (although I was assured it had been no more than 20 minutes), we spotted the most beautiful sight on earth:

photo (25)
HALLELUJAH! Take away messages of the evening: 1) Buy good game seats or stay at home, 2) don’t lose your car.

One thought on “Game Time

  1. Loved this post. So funny! And so engaging. Great suspense, too. Congratulations on maneuvering the significant upgrade on seats!

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