Small Surprises

Don’t you love it when you walk into the bathroom and find something like this on the mirror?


Seriously made my day.

all smiles

all smiles

This random act of kindness must have given me some positive vibes, because afterwards I put up an impressive showing at the pool table (if I say so myself).


Here is Noah shooting his first shot of the game:


And his second:


Notice a difference in the playing field? Why yes, that is because I knocked in five balls IN A ROW. That has literally never happened to me before. Never.

And what’s a game of pool without a couple of hot drinks to enjoy it with?


mocha for Noah, green tea for me

One thought on “Small Surprises

  1. I always pick up every penny I see on the ground and consider it “my lucky day”. I love small things that make me smile 🙂

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