Foiled Again!

Remember how I was so excited last weekend to get new purple running shoes? Unfortunately, on my next visit with the physical therapist, she evaluated me running in the shoes and determined that they – in fact – did NOT give me enough support. Her instructions: “Return the shoes and ask for something with more medial arch support.” Oy. I have the shoes in my car but haven’t gotten out to return them yet.

The PT also scolded me for my 4.4 miler on Tuesday and said I should only be running a maximum of 3 miles at a time until my knee/IT band/weak butt issues are fixed. Whoops….

So, it was back to the treadmill this morning for a quick 3 mile run. Since 1) I was on a treadmill and 2) if I was only doing 3 miles, then I wanted it to be good, I decided to do a fast paced interval workout. Inspired by Carrots ‘N’ Cake’s 5k Challenge, I mixed things up a little and did the following:

Distance (miles)              Treadmill Pace
0-1.0                                         6.0-6.6
1.0-1.25                                    7.6
1.25-1.40                                 4.0
1.40-1.65                                 7.8
1.65-1.80                                 4.1
1.80-2.05                                 8.0
2.05-2.20                                4.2
2.20-2.45                                8.0
2.45-2.60                                4.2
2.60-2.80                                8.2
2.80-3.0                                   6.0

Big, bang, done. It was super sweaty but super satisfying, and the best part….ZERO discomfort in my knee/IT band/butt.

Afterwards, I was in a huge rush to get to work so I had to bring my breakfast with me in a tupperware. It was completely identical to yesterday’s breakfast.

photo (12)

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