Wednesday Eats

This morning I went to the gym for some ‘New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women.’ When I got home I had some breakfast that included a Gnu Mini Bar from the January Bestowed package. The flavor was oatmeal raisin and it was very delicious. I had it with a sliced apple, greek yogurt, and trail mix.


yogurt and trail mix are underneath

After that I went back to Costco. Remember the banana hunt? That same day I bought some contact solution there, but when I got home it was revealed that the box had already been open and the contact containers removed!!

Lunch is unpictured since it was not aesthetically pleasing at all (more tofu curry salad), but I had two snacks in the afternoon:

photo(88) photo(87)

Why are honeycrisp apples so delicious but so expensive?! There may have been some chocolate too that I couldn’t manage to snap a pic of. 🙂

I am having dinner with friends tonight, so expect an update later that involves pizza.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Eats

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