Hot Quinoa and Spinach Salad

I have a friend who is moving and trying to clear out her kitchen. We decided to make dinner tonight using whatever ingredients she was trying to get rid of. The available items: quinoa, spinach, garlic, lemon, roasted red and yellow peppers (jarred in oil). Let the fun begin!

We combined the quinoa and water with a 1:2 ratio.


While the quinoa cooked, we got out the rest of the ingredients:


nice and simple

We chopped up the garlic and roasted peppers and combined in a sauce pan with a little bit of the pepper oil:


Once heated through, we started to add the spinach and squeeze in lemon juice for additional moisture when necessary:


Man, that stuff shrinks down fast! We ended up using the entire bag. After the spinach was completely wilted, we added in the cooked quinoa and stirred to combine:


Easy. Colorful. Healthy.

4 thoughts on “Hot Quinoa and Spinach Salad

  1. Always a nice method for using up leftovers, and God I love those jarred Peppers; same with the oil-kept sundried tomatoes, just get such a rich flavor, surprised there were still leftovers of those!! Happy to see you putting the oil to use too ^^

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