Go Bananas!!

I was surprised at all the banana comments I received after yesterday’s banana-related post. As a result, I started thinking about why bananas are so great.

Top 3 Reasons Bananas Rule
they are CHEAP – definitely the most inexpensive fruit
2. they are versatile – sweet, savory, meal, snack, you get the idea
3. they are fun to eat

exhibit A


For all you other banana lovers out there, here are some suggestions for how to use this fabulous fruit:



  • pb (& j) with banana
  • pb & honey with banana (this is especially good grilled!


  • sliced banana with peanut butter and cinnamon
  • plain from the peel
  • soft serve banana ‘ice cream’
  • blended with ice and milk for a smoothie (optional add-ins: cocoa, peanut butter, blueberries, etc.)
  • eat frozen chunks for a snack in warm weather (warning: make sure you peel and cut the banana into small chunks BEFORE freezing!)
  • caramelized bananas

Moral of the story: EAT MORE BANANAS!!

2 thoughts on “Go Bananas!!

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