Dasani Drops

Look what I discovered today:


This looks like something I would enjoy. Unfortunately, it was being packed up as a donation when I found it, so it wouldn’t have been so appropriate to sample. 🙂 I will be keeping an eye out at the supermarket though.

In other news…my evening was pretty relaxed and late. I have been on a weird schedule the last few days where I am eating all of my meals an hour or two later than I normally would. This morning I didn’t have breakfast until 10! #iLoveRelaxedMornings

Subsequently, lunch was at 3, gym was at 7, and dinner was at 8:30. Dinner was some tofu curry salad in a wrap with spinach. Carrot and celery sticks served with fig butter on the side.


Afterwards, I decided to try some homemade hot-cocoa-for-one again. Instead of a splash of vanilla, I added a couple shakes of cinnamon this time. It made the drink a little more ‘spicy.’ I will definitely try again! Plus, making it really couldn’t be more simple. Only three ingredients (not counting water):


cocoa, sweetener, cinnamon

Doesn’t this look delicious?!



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