Where are the Bananas?!?!

This morning I threw together a quick breakfast before heading to work. In the mix: a few spoonfuls cottage cheese, 1/2 cup kashi go lean, 1/4 cup trail mix, coconut milk, sliced apple. Yum!


I packed up my lunch and snack to bring to work with me for the day:

photo (1)

yes, those are chocolates next to my apple 🙂

This is probably my #1 healthy eating rule: always bring a healthy lunch and snack to work! If I don’t bring good food to the office – or I bring too little food – then I end up finding my way back to cookies and candy in the break room all day.

First thing on my agenda for the day was to pick up some stuff at Costco. On the shopping list:
– toilet paper
– contact solution
– apples
– bananas
– spinach

Finding the bananas took me about 30 minutes. Although I’m a big Costco fan, one big drawback to the store is that there is absolutely zero signage and the location of regular products is constantly changing. The bananas are typically kept with the rest of the produce, but today they were nowhere to be found! I searched all over and was just about to give when a miracle happened. What appeared in front of my but a…

the motherload

the motherload

…banana cart! This led me straight to the source. They moved the bananas into the cooler section by the yogurts. Weird?

8 thoughts on “Where are the Bananas?!?!

  1. I have been eating so many bananas lately simply because they are the cheapest fruit… 🙂 Any good ideas for bananas? I’m running out hahha

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