Up Where the Sky is Bright

Yesterday was the 12th annual Winter Kite Festival at Lake Harriet. I planned to bring Noah as a surprise activity to celebrate before our anniversary dinner. I suggested that we run the 1.5 miles to Lake Harriet, and Noah amiably agreed. The run there – although a bit cold and windy – wasn’t too terrible. We arrived at Lake Harriet wind whipped and flushed, but excited to explore the festivities:


Unfortunately, the sky looked like this:


Even so, we walked out on the ice, admired the many types of kites being flown, sampled some free apple cider, and waited about 5 minutes on a line to take a horse-drawn carriage ride before deciding we would prefer to walk around. It was at this point that things took a turn for the worse. The wind picked up in a BIG way (later that day we read that winds had reached up to 300 mph!), the red and white tent that you see in the picture above was dislodged and began to fly dangerously across the ice, and the loudspeaker abruptly announced the festival would be closing due to high winds – ironic for a kite festival, eh?

Unfortunately, Noah and I still had to run home. The experience running home was – in a word – horrendous. I have never experienced such strong winds. I felt that I could hardly control where my body was going, and any exposed skin was burning painfully from the cold and pressure. When we arrived back to the apartment we wanted nothing but to lay down and warm up. Hopefully next year the kite festival will have better weather!

p.s. If I do go back to the kite festival next year, I will definitely bring my own kite. The promotional information said that there would be kites available for purchase there, but they were already sold out by the time we arrived. 😦

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