Noah and I went for a fancy dinner tonight to celebrate two years of dating bliss (awww). We decided to try Heidi’s at 29th and Lyndale.


I’ve long seen Heidi’s recommended on pretty much every ‘eat here’ list for the Twin Cities, but I had never gone because it’s a little pricey for my regular budget and seemed too fancy to sate my appetite for the casual. I’d say I was correct on both accounts, but it was a lovely evening with delicious food.

As soon as we walked in the door, our coats were taken and hung (something that doesn’t happen at the places I typically eat!), and we were led to our candlelit table. Candlelit —> dimly lit, so unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the food to share since they all came out too dark. Heidi’s menu is creative yet simple and concise. There are three categories to choose from: hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, and entrees. Heidi’s also offers tasting menus as standard, vegetarian, and pescatarian. There is an extensive wine list too if that’s your thing. Noah and I ordered one hor d’oeuvre, one appetizer, and two entrees.

The hor d’oeuvre I ordered was called, quite simply, ‘cauliflower.’ The menu described it as caramelized, so I was expecting something with a little bit of crunch to it. Instead, the texture of the dish was very soft – almost like mashed potatoes. I wouldn’t order it again. Noah got the vegetable terrine appetizer which he said was flavorful but wasn’t too impressed.

The entrees, however, were a different story. I ordered the chicken which was wrapped in swiss chard and served with mushrooms and root vegetables. It was unbelievably moist, excellently spiced, and completely delicious. Noah ordered cod which came with chickpeas and mixed greens and also gave rave reviews.

After dinner, we were confronted with the dessert menu. I knew what I was ordering approximately two seconds after it was put in front of me: peanut butter cream donuts with hot chocolate. Noah ordered chocolate cake that came with a warm white chocolate sauce that the server poured on after tabling the food. Although the actual amount of peanut butter cream in the donuts was miniscule, they were still delicious (and covered with cinnamon sugar!). Noah’s chocolate cake was moist with a slight cherry flavor, and seemed to be very much enjoyed (at least judging by the wiped clean plate at the end). đŸ™‚

For all of the dishes, the presentation was exceptional and the food clearly of extremely high quality. One unique feature about Heidi’s is that they have an open kitchen – anyone can see in the clear glass walls and see all the food preparation. As I noted to Noah during our meal, I doubt that every restaurant would be as eager to show their guests how their meal is prepared, and it was nice to know that we were receiving dishes with fresh and cleanly handled ingredients. I would recommend Heidi’s to someone looking for a fancier meal, but it’s definitely a little too nice for me to frequent regularly.

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