Crunchy or Smooth

Any Google search for delicious brunch locations in Minneapolis will quickly lead you to Hell’s Kitchen in downtown. Damn Good Food. Sorry, couldn’t resist that.

Known for an eclectic menu with unusual items – white russian pancakes and sausage bread, for example – Hell’s is also unique because it makes its own condiments. Yes, condiments. I’m talking ketchup, mustard, blackberry-ginger jam, blood-orange marmalade, and peanut butter. Oh my gosh, PEANUT BUTTER.
This stuff will seriously change your life. It is big-time chunky, sweet in an indescribable way – but not too sweet! – and tastes so good you will have to eat at least one bite straight from the spoon.

Given the popularity of both their food and their ‘vibe’ (best described as a cheeky version of grunge, perhaps?), Hell’s has an in-restaurant store. A gift shop, if you will. They sell cookbooks, t-shirts, and mixes for some of their more popular menu items. And, of course, they sell peanut butter. Oh my gosh, PEANUT BUTTER. Although obviously a fan, I have never ventured to the Hell’s store to buy anything to bring home. Most likely because every time I leave there it is in some sort of a food coma stupor. But, lucky me, I have a roommate who semi-recently started working at Hell’s, and her holiday gift to me was….yep, you guessed it.

there she is

there she is

Holy cow, look at that chunk.

seriously chunky

seriously chunky

Not only is this a delicious gift, but it is also enlightening. Secret ingredient: revealed!

sugar...of the brown variety

sugar…of the brown variety

Although the jar didn’t have nutritional stats, I would suspect it is fairly similar to regular peanut butter but with a higher sugar content. If you are a pb person, you’ve gotta get your hands on this stuff!

5 thoughts on “Crunchy or Smooth

  1. Preaching to the choir my friend; oh the breakfasts and moments spent with Hell’s Kitchen Peanut Butter… our family grabs one of the bigger jars every other Christmas for morning celebration (with Mimosa of course). Did you know they make a cocktail with it? (at least, they did at one time, haven’t seen the cocktail list in a while so unsure of current offerings) Apparently it’s better than one would think of a chunky-peanut-butter laced drink.

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