I think I can safely say that among the most underused Minneapolis community resources are the Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment courses. With offerings of everything from Zumba to The Life and Time of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Community Ed really does have something for everyone.

Winter Class Guide

Winter Class Guide

The best part? THEY ARE PRACTICALLY GIVING THE LEARNING AWAY!! I registered for a 6-week watercolor class for $46. THIS IS MADNESS!! And, if you are a total cheapskate, there are some classes that literally are free. Examples: Understanding the Middle East Conflict: A Hope for Peace and Minnesota History! Read Local!

In addition to hundreds of class listings, the catalog also provides information on upcoming community events (races, festivals, celebrations, etc.). I think I am most looking forward to the Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival on June 19.

After spending the morning marking down all events that piqued my interest, I migrated into the kitchen for some breakfast. I have been consuming this trail mix from Costco at a rapid rate the last week:


Yeah, I’d never heard of greek yogurt chips prior to this either. Bottom line: this stuff is super addictive and delicious in yogurt, in oatmeal, with cereal, eaten out of the palm of your hand like a neanderthal…you get the point. My creation this morning included yogurt, trail mix, banana, and a splash of coconut/almond milk.


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